Pay Per Visit: $10.00

Punch-cards: 10 Classes for $75.00 (Save $2.50 Per Class)

$ 5.00 Wednesdays: $ 5.00 Per Class On Wednesdays

One On One Sessions: $ 40.00 Per Hour

Purchase 6 - 1:1 Sessions receive a free monthly gym membership.

Monthly Memberships:

Kids Memberships: $ 50.00 with unlimited access to the kid's cardio boxing classes every month.

Adult Memberships: $ 60.00 with unlimited adult classes every month

Adult Friday Wrestling Club: $30 Membership or $10 per visit

Pay for 3 months of memberships and save!
Adults: $150 ($30 savings) Youth: $125 ($25 savings)

***Class and Membership Prices Are Subject To Changes***



Mon-Fri 8am Open Gym, 9am Adult Cardio Boxing, 10am Adult Boxing Bootcamp

Wed Only: 7am Kickboxing


Mon-Thurs 4:30pm Kids Cardio Boxing

Mon-Fri 5:30pm Adult Cardio Boxing

Mon, Wed, Thur, and Fri: 6:30pm Boxing Bootcamp, 7:30pm Kickboxing

Saturday: 9am Adult Cardio Boxing, 10am Boxing Bootcamp, 11am Kickboxing

Mon-Fri 6pm Fighters Training

Tues 7pm Adult Wrestling