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6 Week Weight Loss Challenge

Starts on June 13th and runs through July 18th (excluding the week of July 4th)!  
Rules/Requirements to enter: 
- Current June/July member (if you pay for both June and July up front, you will receive $10 off). 
- First Place will be determined by the highest percentage of weight lost for the top male and female. 
- Second and Third Place winners will be by total percentage of weight lost. 
- First place (Top Male and Top Female) receives 1 month membership, a silver Lorenzi's insulated cup and a pair of gloves (valued at $160). 
- Second Place receives a Lorenzi's Punch Card with $10 classes on it (a $75 value). 
- Third Place winner receives a Lorenzi's Boxing stocking cap and a pair of wraps ($25 value). 
- First calss starts on June 13th.  You will weigh in, get measurements, and take "Before" pictures. 
- You can miss one "Free" week throughout the challenge.  It is $5 if you miss another session. 
(Make up sessions will be on Friday during the 5:30pm cardio class.  You need to check in with the front desk person to record your weight and attendance for the week to get credit.)
- Tuesdays - 6:30pm will be scheduled weigh ins. 
- July 18th will be the final class.  You will weigh in, get measurements, and take your "After" photo. 
At that time, if you have gained any weight from the start of the challenge it iwll be $5 per pound (this is not a weekly consequence, only at the final weigh in). 
- Must be 16 years or older to participate.  
The challenge will also include nutirtion information! Sign up at the front desk or message Lorenzi's Boxing on Facebook!