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I have been going to Lorenzi's Boxing for almost a year, and am completely addicted! I had ZERO boxing experience and had never joined a gym but I wanted to get in better shape. After just a couple classes I was hooked. Everyone at Lorenzi's is so supportive and treat you like family. The atmosphere is positive and fun. The coaches are all fantastic and encourage me to push myself with every workout. I look forward to continuing to achieve my fitness goals at Lorenzi's!

Leyna Krzewinski

I've been working out at Lorenzi's boxing in Proctor for more than a year now .
What can I say ... wow, what an experience this has been. For me it's turned out to be more than just boxing, it has meant building trust, respect and a professional relationship with the Lorenzi coaches and community, coupled with the awareness that I am making progress against my initial goals!
I know now you can't fully evaluate things after one lesson, six lessons or even 10 lessons. Sure, you know what initially drove you to join Lorenzi's, but chances are, you never realized all the associated challenges you were about to face once you got started, and the health benefits you'd gain from working at them.

For me, going to Lorenzi's has become an integral part of my life. It's a long term commitment and dedication. As I indicated, It's no longer just about learning the physical art and principles of boxing, it's about building and maintaining physical strength, building stamina through improved cardio respiratory health and developing and improving my mental and physical coordination.

Thanks Joe!

Eric Patrick

Lorenzi's motto is "Respect All. Fear None". But to me a big part of Lorenzi's is family. The coaches, the members, the family members of the members, and coaches. Everyone is like one big family. If your struggling to keep motivated or keep consistent with going to the gym, your family has your back. They always encourage you to do your best.

Coach Joe and Coach Josh have pushed me to be my best in everything I do since I first started in the gym almost 3 years ago. Since I started my journey with Lorenzi's Boxing I have had hard days where I just wanted to quit and never step foot in the gym again, I kept telling myself that I couldn't do it or that it was too hard. They never let me give up. Instead, they pushed me harder and helped me modify the work outs from things I didn't think I could do to things that worked for me. The workouts we're still challenging at the same time.

All the coaches help with motivation in every way! They encourage everyone to push past the breaking point and break out of your comfort zone. Jessica and Steph have been there to help me work past all my "I can't moments" and push me to be my very best. Weather it's just a quick pep talk or them doing the workout right beside me telling me to I can do it. I can't thank everyone at Lorenzi's Boxing enough for helping get where I am today. They have helped me get through tough times and made me better person. They have pushed me to get on track and figure out a healthy diet as well as stay committed to workout every day.

Lexi Foeltz

My story starts on Jan 5, 2016. I made the decision I needed to lose weight and get healthier. In my mind it was a losing battle, I couldn't do this. To my surprise I could and I was!! That following summer I started walking, 6 blocks, then I could go a mile, then before I knew it I was walking 3 miles a day. At this point I had some good friends that kept trying to convince me to come to the gym. Oh I had every excuse in the books!! What it comes down to is inside I was scared and embarrassed, I couldn't do all that stuff they do at gyms, and it's always perfect tiny people working out, I felt very awkward at even the thought. So I kept putting my friends off, oh when I lose 75 pounds I'm there!

February 2017 I finally gave in I didn't let my fears control me anymore, I knew I needed something more then walking. Josh became my Coach. He taught me the basics, although even a year later I'm still not doing the basics perfect but we make things work. Then I started doing classes, I was shy at first, just trying to learn. I have met some fantastic people. Everyone has been very helpful and understanding. No judgment at all which was one of my biggest fears. The coaches take the time to make you feel welcome and will help you with your journey, they give you pointers, and most of all encouragement. I am so glad I broke thru my fears and started going, now I can honestly say it's become my normal. I don't go every day but I sure try to! Class options for just about any schedule. Best of all 80 pounds gone and I'm getting healthier and have a new "gym" family.

Cherri Johnson

Joining Lorenzi's was one of the best things I could have ever done for myself fitness wise.
I am stronger, faster, and watching myself slim down has been the best part!!
The coaches and people are amazing!

You never get the same workout twice, and all equally just as great!
I love my gym family and what they have helped me accomplish!

Angela Olson

I started going to Lorenzi's Boxing Gym in Proctor about 8 months ago. This was the best fitness decision I have made to date! I cannot say enough great things about this gym and the coaches. There's an aspect of teamwork and self-discipline incorporated in to every class that I've taken. People of all fitness levels can find something positive and motivating at Lorenzi's. The classes and coaches have helped me push myself to get in to the best shape of my life. The most important part about this gym is that it is FUN! The 9 A.M. class is one of the big highlights of my day.

Matt Sarberg